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Tales from Transylvania” is a project that wants to gather up the legends and the stories related to the wood churches.

Reasons for choosing the wood churches

1.Even if they do not compare in size to the world's great cathedrals, they are genuine and undeniable architectural monuments.
2.They are representative for Transylvanian spirituality.
3.Even though there are several wood churches in the world, as in Norway for example, the Transylvanian artisans are acknowledged for their craftmanship.
4.They deserve to be included in the tourist's circuits and pointed out through the stories they shelter.

Reasons for choosing to present the legends and the tales?

1.People like tales.
2.These stories, many of them spread orally, will dissappear together with their tellers.
3.Through tales and stories we can create a much easier access to the great historical truths.
4.Transylvania means much more than Dracula's story.